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The Strong[HER] Way | non diet approach, mindset coaching, lifestyle advice

Alisha Carlson

Empowering women to make an impact in their own lives from the inside out. Alisha Carlson, certified nutrition and fitness coach with over a decade of experience in the industry breaks down the non diet approach to nutrition and fitness. As a former disordered eater who struggled with orthorexic tendencies she's learned it really doesn't matter what your weight, shape, or size is if you don't do the proper mindset coaching. She is now on a mission to help other women create freedom and confidence in their lives so they can reach for the dreams tucked in their hearts and live a life of purpose. Alisha provides weekly lifestyle advice you can implement immediately to start creating a healthier relationship with food, your body, and exercise. She shows you how to change your mindset so that your healthy lifestyle is actually working for you, not against you.
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